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Dear Muslim Brothers and Sisters,
Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullah

Welcome to look4marriage.com – for Muslims to find their perfect soul mates. This is unique platform for single Muslim males and females to find their potential marriage partners online using the latest technology.


We ensure top quality service by offering secure, safe and confidential web based support ensuring halal standard so that people of our Muslim community could be blessed with compatible everlasting marriage following Islami Shariah.

You can register here for free, can search thousands of single Muslims worldwide and upload your own profile for others.

So don’t wait anymore, sign up for free, browse the profiles of your chosen person and exchange your views via instant chat!!


Please be aware! It has come to our attention that there are external users who may join our community with fraudulent intentions. Although we constantly monitor our site for such activities, it is strongly advised not to accept any request of financial nature from any other member of this site.For any Reason Please notify us immediately the name/id of the member who approaches you with such request.


Please be careful when you give your personal contact detail for private video chat outside this site. Some may record the chat session and blackmail users for money!

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