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Islam and Marriage

Assalam Alaikum

Allah has described marriage in the Qur'an as being love, tenderness and tranquillity and

Has inculcated in a man's and woman's heart a longing for the opposite sex. It is only

through marriage that spiritual and mental tranquillity can be achieved.

Mutual pairs symbolic of the harmony of nature, are existent throughout the world, and human

partnership is no exception, as shown in the verse of the holy  Qur'An

   (And of His Signs is that He created for you mates from your own selves that you may

take comfort in them, and He ordained affection and mercy between you. there are indeed

signs in that for apeople who reflect.)  ( Surah Rum Verse 21 )

We can see that Islam is a religion rooted in values and principles such as love and afection.

Mercy and benevolence, and empathy and compassion, and it is clear how the  holy Qur'an

considers these as an intrinsic part of marriage. In fact, Qur'an goes further and emphasises

not only that marriage is recommended but also barriers such as finance should not be used

as obstacles to the pursuit of nature:

       (If they are poor, Allah will enrich them through his bounty. Surah Nur,Verse32)